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07 Feb, Tuesday
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Montreal Families

Montreal Families wins 10 awards

Last month, we told you the great news that we had been nominated for 15 editorial, design and website awards in a competition of parenting publications from across Canada, the United States and Australia. The competition is judged by staff from the Missouri School of Journalism and the award winners were announced March 3 at a banquet dinner in San Antonio, Texas. We were on hand to hear our name announced 10 times as the winner in various categories! We are tickled pink to share with you why the judges thought Montreal Families stood out from the crowd.

“This magazine is an outstanding example of creative journalism. Instead of rewriting the common stories of parenthood, Montreal Families is tackling complex subjects like being a stepparent and smart phone use in young children. Besides finding unusual angles, the magazine’s editors and writers humanize every story and make them come to life. Montreal Families is an example of what every family magazine should be doing for its readers.”

Design awards

Congratulations to Isabelle Richard, our long-time creative art director who has put her heart and soul into every issue for the past 14 years!

  • New and notable sections
  • Overall use of photography
  • Feature layout black & white (interview with radio host Cat Spencer)

Editorial awards

Congratulations to everyone who diligently writes, edits, proofreads and fact checks all of our content before the paper goes to print each month.

Website awards

Congratulations to everyone who works on the editorial and design of our website. A special “thank you” and kudos goes to Tracey Stafford, who has worked tirelessly over the last year to get our new, award-winning website off the ground!

    • Website content
    • General Excellence

(combines editorial and design – we won the Silver Award)

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