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07 Jun, Wednesday
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Montreal Families

Montreal Debate Camp – new location and timelessly important skills!

Debate Camp is thrilled to bring back its one week, in-person day camps to Montreal again this summer! They are moving to Dawson College, a new and larger space, suitable for indoor and outdoor programming. Same weeks as previous years – right at the beginning of the summer: June 26 – 30 and July 3 – 7, 2023!

Suitable for ages 11 to 14, the program offers kids a chance to engage with each other on topics that have can have multiple perspectives. Debate Camp generates a fun and inspiring space for youth to develop some timelessly important skills; to confidently articulate their ideas well in the company of others.

Debate Camp specializes in parliamentary debate, impromptu and prepared public speaking. All program areas are highly interactive and suited to a variety of age groups and multiple ability levels.

Over the course of 21 seasons, Debate Camp has maintained a fun and exciting camp-like, youth-focused approach to teaching and learning that is popular with students in Middle School, typically grades six to eight.


Debate Camp’s proudest accomplishments have involved providing a camp-like, youth-focused enrichment opportunity that has reached beyond argumentation skills to teach students to be accepting of difference and considerate of diverse perspectives.

That, and the take-away skills from debate in general, are very applicable in the modern classroom (that hopefully encourages constructive dialogue and critical thinking). Parents are happy to know that debaters learn to maintain decorum (debate manners) as they try and make their point.

Admittedly, our world needs people to handle oppositional views with some diplomacy. Debate teaches a lot in this regard, particularly on the point of listening / acknowledging the opposing view without eliciting offence. Not an easy art in these current times, particularly with today’s freedoms to express views online.

Camp days are broken up into skills games, debates, lots of recreational games and traditional camp-like activities. “It’s way more like camp, and less like school” is a comment commonly heard about Debate Camp. Built for everyone and back in Montreal for 2023

For more information, visit www.debatecamp.com/montreal.

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