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Montreal Families

Miriam Foundation helps kids through video conferencing

With most services being shut down for the time being, many organizations that specialize in helping children with special needs have moved online, including the Miriam Foundation.

The foundation raises funds to provide financial support for programs that will help people with special needs integrate into mainstream society. One of these is The Gold Centre — a service centre created by the Miriam Foundation that provides programs to help people of all ages with autism and developmental disabilities.

As the Gold Centre and the Miriam Foundation can no longer have face-to-face consultations with the kids and their parents, they have moved to video conferencing for therapy treatment.  Clinicians observe the child and advise parents on how to proceed with intervention, based on their child’s needs.

“It’s very challenging for parents, and for the children, who are in intensive intervention programs and then have to stop cold turkey,” says foundation CEO Warren Greenstone. “No one wants to see the great process we’ve made with a lot of these kids just stop and that the kids hit a wall.”

The video-conferencing consolations offer parents weekly, one-hour appointments. The clinicians will help parents implement the Verbal Behaviour-Applied Behaviour Analysis (VB-ABA) and Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) techniques at home by giving guidelines, observing how the parents are doing, and offering feedback.

Verbal Behaviour-Applied Behaviour Analysis is a way of teaching someone to communicate who isn’t yet able to do so. The Early Start Denver Model is an intervention method for young children with autism aged 12 to 48 months. This approach helps the child, through play, improve their social, cognitive and language skills. Any written information such as treatment plans, can be emailed to parents.

Each one-hour sessions costs $50 and a laptop and internet access is required. To book a session, call 514.345.8330 ext. 319 or email info@goldlearningcentre.com.

For more information on the Miriam Foundation, click here.

For more information on the Gold Centre, click here.


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