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26 Nov, Saturday
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Montreal Families

McGill hosts parenting lecture series

Beginning Oct. 17, McGill’s Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology will be holding weekly lectures for parents with young children and teenagers. The five-part series, titled Effective Parenting: New Trends and Approaches, will cover a range of topics from homework to helping kids deal with anxiety.

Dr. Jeffrey Derevensky, chair of the department and psychiatry professor, says the goal of the series is to address the concerns many parents or caregivers have about raising children. Oftentimes, he says, it can be tricky for parents to reach specialists and have their questions answered.

“Parenting is one of the most difficult things we do in our lives yet we have very little training,” Derevensky says. “The series is designed to help parents deal with many different issues that kids will have in their developmental stages.”

A professor from the educational and counselling psychology department will lead each of the Monday night lectures.

October 17 — To kick off the series, child literacy expert Dr. Robert Savage will discuss the English spelling and grammar system, and offer tips on how kids can improve their reading and writing skills.

October 24 — Dr. Armando Bertone will discuss how children develop from a neurological perspective as well as the different developmental disabilities that can affect them.

November 7 — Turning to a more digital discussion, Dr. Adam Dubé will examine the pros and cons of introducing iPads, tablets and other electronic devices to children at an early age. The lecture will also explore how these devices can be used for more academic purposes instead of just for games.

November 14 — Dr. Tina Montreuil, Director of Childhood Anxiety and Regulation of Emotions Laboratory and assistant professor, will focus on childhood anxiety and what parents can do to help their kids deal with it.

November 21 — To conclude the series, Dr. Steven Shaw will discuss strategies parents can use to help their kids complete homework and prepare for exams without stress.

The seminars will be held at 6:30 p.m. at the Jack Cram Auditorium in McGill’s Education building, 3700 McTavish St. It costs $75 for the five lectures.

For more information or to register, www.mcgill.ca/edu-ecp/ep2016

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