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27 Jan, Friday
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Made-in-Montreal juice has low sugar

A new made-in-Montreal juice brand for kids aims to boost the nutritional value and reduce the sugar content to create a healthier alternative to your typical supermarket juice.

Archie Juice, founded by friends Mike Ades and Laura Pasichnyk, is cold-pressed and pasteurized without heat to preserve nutrients. The fruit juice is also blended with vegetable juices, to make it easier for parents to ensure kids are getting many of the vitamins they need.

Archie Juice is made right here in Montreal

Ades and Pasichnyk have been producing cold-pressed juice for local restaurants and private-label clients since 2016. Ades, a father of two, noticed that many juice brands marketed to children are filled with preservatives and added sugars. Even those labeled 100 per cent juice sometimes contain more sugar per cup than children are supposed to have in a whole day.

“We realized that there weren’t any healthy juice products for kids. Cold-pressed juice is usually targeted to upper-middle-class women. We thought, hey, kids are the ones who could use healthy drink alternatives,” Ades said. ”A lot of parents are anti-juice, but when we present this option it’s a total eye-opener.”

Archie Juice launched in June with three flavours: pineapple-cucumber, carrot-orange, and apple-beet. Each variety contains only three ingredients: the fruit, the vegetable, and a touch of lemon. More flavours and related products will be added in the coming months, Ades said.

Cold-pressed juice low in sugar

Unlike most store-bought juices, Archie Juice contains no added sugar, preservatives or water. The juice is preserved using a high pressure processing method, which ensures it stays fresh in the fridge for a month or more. This method also preserves more nutrients, because it does not use heat to eliminate bacteria, “bad” enzymes or other microorganisms.

A 236 mL bottle of Archie’s pineapple-cucumber juice contains 8 grams of sugar. I checked the juice in my fridge to compare. The same amount of Pom’s pomegranate cherry juice contains 29 grams of sugar, while my Oasis berry juice has 23 grams. Both are 100 per cent juice, made from concentrate. Some juices are even more sugary: some brands of grape juice can have as much as 36 grams of sugar in a 236 mL serving.

According to the Heart and Stroke Foundation, children should consume no more than 25 grams of sugar per day — an amount easily exceeded by drinking just one cup of juice from many commercial brands.

Archie Juice is currently sold online at archiejuice.com, with free shipping on the Island of Montreal.

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