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26 Jan, Thursday
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Montreal Families

Look up – what’s that illuminated cloud?

There is a mysterious, colourful cloud floating in this area that most kids will point to and say “what’s that?”

American artist Janet Echelman is the creative mind behind this giant cloud-like structure, 80 ft in length and 60 ft in width, that will float above Place Émilie-Gamelin throughout the summer.

The piece, titled 1.26, was conceived after the 2010 earthquake in Chile. NASA data shows vibrations from the disaster momentarily altered the rotation of the earth, shortening the day by 1.26 microseconds.

The billowy sculpture, constructed from a combination of soft fibres, is illuminated at nightfall and interacts with its natural surroundings, transforming into different shapes based on changes in the wind and ambient light. This summer marks the fifth exhibition of the piece, which has already graced city squares in Amsterdam, Singapore, Denver, and Sydney. The sculpture will be on display until Oct. 4.

For more information, visit quartierdesspectacles.com

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