Lasalle Community Comprehensive High School



LaSalle Community Comprehensive High School is a secondary school with approximately seven hundred students. LCCHS has a proud and long-standing tradition as a true community school offering programs that satisfy the needs of all types of learners. From work-oriented training pathways to immersion programs and an in-school alternative program in the eleventh grade, students have many options to choose from. LCCHS is proud to have a fully accredited IB program and is an authorized school of the International Baccalaureate Organization.

A community-based school, LCCHS provides its students with a well-disciplined environment in which they can work towards academic and social achievement. A commitment to social and cultural development is evident through LCCHS’ diverse programs and activities including a Robotics program, a Junior Lego Robotics initiative and more than 25 sports teams.

Moral values are further developed by harnessing the diversity in the school and by encouraging community involvement and service, in addition to pedagogical development.

About Lasalle Community Comprehensive High School

240 – 9th Ave.
LaSalle, QC H8P 2N9