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02 Dec, Friday
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Kids with special needs to benefit from extra support

At a time where kids are spending an unprecedented amount of time on screens, a new partnership has formed to offer extra help to kids with special needs. Recently, Autism Canada and The Uncomplicated Family partnered to provide more digital information, resources and games for kids.

The Uncomplicated Family is an Alberta-based group of companies that develop technology and deliver services to improve quality of life. Its offerings include Teleroo, the Kids Digital Health Portal and Kids Uncomplicated.

Teleroo is a best-in-class virtual care platform that provides health professionals and families with the collaborative tools required for excellent health and wellness outcomes. For kids and families with special needs, this means connecting with health professionals or other families in similar situations. With Teleroo, a family can, as an example, log into Teleroo, post a video of a new behaviour, blur the child’s face for privacy, and share it with a health care professional. The health care team is altered, can triage the concern, and can either reply with a message, video demonstration of an intervention, and/or by setting up a live video conference.

Kids Digital Health Portal is a therapeutic space where kids can enjoy games and apps that promote healthy brain development and Kids Uncomplicated provides clinical and family support to kids and families with special needs in Alberta.

Since 1976, Autism Canada has helped Canadians understand Autism Spectrum Disorder, and it advocates for and supports those with autism and their families.

The partnership allows both organizations to fulfil their mission but together, they can reach more families. The Uncomplicated Family will provide games, apps and content for kids with special needs and their families. For example, kids on the spectrum will have access to therapeutic games.

“Kids average seven hours a day of ‘screen time’ – more for kids with special needs,” says Robyn Woods, Founder and CEO of The Uncomplicated Family. “We know families are using ‘screen time’ to help improve quality of life, and this makes it absolutely critical they have access to games, apps, and content that is safe, fun, and, most of all, demonstrated to help with healthy brain development.”

Woods adds that partnering with Autism Canada makes sense because of the shared common values and that they can help distribute her company’s content and have a bigger impact.

Barbara Patten, Executive Director of Autism Canada, agrees. “We are so thankful for the Uncomplicated Family Group because it provides content parents can trust. We need resources, we need programs. And their team provides that for us.”

For more information about Autism Canada, click here.

For more information about The Uncomplicated Family and its parent companies, click here.

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