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27 Mar, Monday
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Montreal Families

Kids get a kick out of Kangoo

What kid doesn’t like to bounce, jump or hop? Whether on a trampoline, pogo stick, by skipping rope or playing hopscotch, it’s just something children seem to innately enjoy. That’s why most youngsters will probably get a serious kick out of a new program by Kangoo Style, which promises to put a bounce into your kid’s physical activity.

Kangoo Style, which is relatively new to Montreal, offers unique workout programs that involve the use of  low-impact rebound foot wear – imagine having mini trampolines on each foot- which can be used for running, jumping (obviously), strength and conditioning, and injury rehabilitation and prevention.

There are a number of adult courses at the United Gyms in Montreal and a program specifically for young people aged 5 and up. The discovery program can be implemented into schools and fitness organizations, and is designed to build coordination, endurance and good posture. Moreover, the exercises involve games, so children will feel like they’re playing rather than working out. Currently, Kangoo classes for children are taking place in the West Island at YNot Dance Studio every Saturday at noon. Birthday party packages (boots supplied) are also available.

For more information, call 514-246-8307 or visit kangoostyle.ca 

Take a peek at an adult Kangoo class in the video below (via YouTube)

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