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Kids can take a stroll with a furry friend

Do you enjoy leisurely strolls through the forest and spending time in nature, but have always felt that something is…missing? That may be because you’ve never had the pleasure of being accompanied by a friendly and downright adorable alpaca.

If you’re craving a touch of their fluffy locks and ready for a ridiculously cute outing, Alpagas du Domaine Poissant, south of Montreal, offers relaxing alpaca excursions for everyone.

There are no amusement rides, water games, or playgrounds at this private farm. But there are alpacas — and lots of them. With a herd of almost 200, there are enough of the gentle animals to suit both children and adults. Smaller than a llama, the floofy camelids (a group of even-toed ungulate mammals) will meander along with you as you travel through the woods. Walks last a maximum of 45 minutes and are done at a very slow pace, so it’s easy for even the youngest children and great for photo ops.

When you arrive, you’ll be paired with an animal whose temperament and personality best suits your party and given a bag with feed — great for encouraging your new 4-legged friend along the trail. Domaine Poissant notes that their animals are part of their family, and each alpaca never does more than two or three walks in a day, just enough to keep in shape.

Colleen Carruthers recently visited with her two children Aria and Cameron, and found it to be a ton of fun for both kids and adults. “The alpacas were adorable! Aria’s alpaca Pico was so sweet and good-tempered while Cameron’s looked hilariously muppet-ish. One wasn’t super keen on walking the entire time, but he moved whenever Cameron sang to him.”

Kids can take a stroll

Credit: Colleen Carruthers

Carruthers noted that while the trail was well-marked, it may have been easier for the kids if there was fencing as the alpacas tended to wander off the trail to munch on grass.

Lea Capuano also visited this spring with her son and friend and said their first “awww” moment came when they were introduced to the alpacas. “They all wear name tags and are too darned cute,” she said. “You’re set up with an animal suited to the age of your kids and you get a crash course on what is allowed and how to egg them on. Then you’re off into a small circuit through some rough brush and a low forested area.” Capuano recommends bringing rubber boots if visiting after a rainfall as the gravel path can turn muddy.

Credit: Lea Capuano

Before you go

The farm currently offers day and evening walks, guided visits, and offers outdoor yoga during the summer.

  • Alpagas du Domaine Poissant is open by reservation only and does not accept walk-ins to the farm.
  • The only dogs allowed are those who already live at the farm.
  • Walks take place in snow, rain, or shine, and it’s recommended to wear boots.
  • Washroom facilities are porta-potty style with exterior washbasins.

No cancellation, refund, or change of date can be made unless you have taken out Aniroche insurance when making your reservation. For $10 per reserved alpaca, Aniroche insurance allows you to be refunded in the event of cancellation on your part. It must be added to the reservation during your initial purchase.

See the FAQ section of the website for full details and the reservation page, and follow the farm’s Facebook page to stay up-to-date on current COVID-19 regulations and farm news.

Website: alpagasdudomainepoissant.com
Ranging from $37.50 to $145 depending on the number of alpacas you reserve.
Address: 1235 ch. de la Montagne, Mont-Saint-Hilaire
Phone: 514-316-5975

Credit: Colleen Carruthers

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