Issues: September 2021

In This Issue
10 great books that explain puberty
If the thought of talking to your kids about this subject is stressful, pick up one or two of these books to help facilitate the conversation
Christine Latreille
10 ways to welcome new kids
I've taught my kids the importance of seeking out new kids to help them with a difficult transition
by Katy M. Clark
4 ways to reduce the morning chaos
Discover how to reduce the chaos and stress of getting everyone up, fed, dressed and ready for the day
By Jennifer Gregory
9 back-to-school safety tips
The Missing Children's Network has published a set of guidelines for parents and kids to follow
A dieticians tips for making lunches
Parents can discover some new ideas about how to make this chore a little less painful
Christine Latreille
A fall outing at Rougemont farm
Apart from picking various types of fruit, families can also enjoy a corn maze and mini-farm at Le Potager Mont-Rouge Halte Gourmande
Christine Latreille
A park with great play value
Saint-Jacques Park in the Ville-Marie borough has modern and unique equipment for kid of all ages
Christine Latreille
A refresher on school bus safety
In order to avoid accidents, drivers should make sure they know all the rules in regard to driving near school buses
Christine Latreille
Be vigilant about back-to-school stress
Reintegrating into school life after COVID-19 might be difficult for a lot of young people. Parents should look out for four indicators of stress in kids
Kelly Wilton
Botanical Garden awash with beauty
Spending the day admiring thousands of plant species, greenhouses, ponds, and gardens is a refreshing way to rejuvenate the soul
Christine Latreille