Issues: September 2020

In This Issue
In the early stages of the pandemic, drive-by birthday parades became a trendy way to mark a child’s special day. But thankfully it’s no longer the only safe birthday party option.
by Briana Doyle
A research director at Common Sense Media, a leading source of entertainment and technology recommendations for families, explains the science behind new screen rules
By Michael Robb 
AlloProf has a revamped French website that can help students in a multitude of subjects
By Samantha Mileto
This bilingual online platform allows students to do academic, social or physical activities based on their grade level
by Samantha Mileto
Ocean School uses compelling storytelling and interactive media to motivate kids to learn all about how oceans impact our world
by Angela Serednicki
Centre offers programs and services for people of all ages, even babies as young as four weeks old
Samantha Mileto