Issues: September 2020

In This Issue
Families are invited to experience the new and improved nature museum with a mobile app that is replacing traditional information panels
By Briana Doyle
These four books will help children escape reality in these not-so-normal pandemic times
By Kelli Di Domenico
Preschoolers can enjoy the outdoors and learn more about nature at Riversong Forest School
Samantha Mileto
These websites can help parents, teachers and homeschooling families teach kids about budgeting and other financial matters
by Briana Doyle
Apple orchards around Montreal are making modifications due to the pandemic so families can continue to enjoy this time-honoured tradition
By Samantha Mileto
An organization that puts on an annual festival in Sherbrooke is inviting all Quebecers to make lanterns to light up our spirits
By Kelly Wilton
This family friendly event will also have a percussion workshop, hip-hop class and hula hoop activities.
By Briana Doyle
Researchers want to find ways to help parents be successful at this sometimes challenging task
In the early stages of the pandemic, drive-by birthday parades became a trendy way to mark a child’s special day. But thankfully it’s no longer the only safe birthday party option.
by Briana Doyle
A research director at Common Sense Media, a leading source of entertainment and technology recommendations for families, explains the science behind new screen rules
By Michael Robb