Issues: September 2018

In This Issue
Discover how to reduce the stress of getting everyone up, fed, dressed and ready for the day
By Jennifer Gregory
Kids of all ages can learn financial basics and more complex money management principles
By Tanni Haas, Ph.D.
The Missing Children's Network has published a set of guidelines for parents and kids to follow
The school will offer courses in math, history, English, French and physical science as well as computer literacy
by Alexandra Colatosti
This program helps young teens discuss how they might feel if they were faced with a bullying-type incident at school
By Elisabeth Kalbfuss
The line-up includes a slew of short and animated films, which are appropriate for children ages 4 and up.
by Alexandra Colatosti
L’école de Cirque de Verdun is inviting people to try out various circus arts
by Alexandra Colatosti
by Alexandre Denis
Learn to recognize the warning signs of anxiety and help your kid use social media in a healthy and productive fashion
by Caroline Knorr
They are not life sentences; just a snapshot taken of your kid's progress at one particular moment in time
By Elisabeth Kalbfuss