Issues: September 2010

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Sending a child to preschool taught one mom how to navigate social relationships with other parents
By Melissa Olson Cunningham
A preschool teacher and mother of three says there are ways to make home parties fun and stress free
By Connie Van Den Hoogen
Learning to naviagate social relationships can be hard for young people. Here are some books that can make it a bit easier.
By Kelly Di Domenico
Singing in a choir helps kids build their confidence, and discover more about teamwork and commitment
By Jennifer Cox
A Montreal mom admits to getting way too involved in her child's Kindergarten project.
Alissa Sklar
Sheila Parkins Academy now a one-stop shop for music, voice, drama and dance.
By Liz Warwick
In search of an organic apple orchard that doesn't involve crossing the unpredictable Champlain Bridge, we took the kids to Verger Terrasolen in...