Issues: November 2008

In This Issue
Review of 2 books. The 39 Clues and The Joy of Spooking
by Kelly di domenico
How to become a foster family for pets and what is involved
by lisa k. savage
review of Canadian made toys for children
by alissa sklar
By Alissa Sklar, Ph.D.
This West Island area is a great place to stroll with kids and shop for unique children's items not usually found in larger retail stores
By Kristina Edson
Information on the Alexander Technique to help relieve tension and promote good health
by liz warwick
Non-profit Donald Berman Yaldei Developmental Centre, in Montreal, has a multidisciplinary team that work with children with developmental disorders or delays
by lisa k. savage
Information on how to compost at your home all year round
by alissa sklar