Issues: March 2020

In This Issue
With the nice weather upon us and families itching to get outside, here are some ideas to keep kids curious about nature
By Christine Latreille
From babies to older kids, discover some fun ways to beat the heat on sweltering days
 By Christine Latreille  
Through pictures and words, these books will explain to kids why it is important to respect our fellow human beings and about the role tolerance can play in procuring peace worldwide.
Kelly Di Domenico
Along the path, visitors can take in a variety of attractions including sculptures, gardens, historic buildings and more
By Brianna Ballard
With COVID-19, some companies are offering new programs that include social-distancing activities for small groups of kids
By Samantha Mileto
A Montrealer has written three books that explain age-appropriate ways to talk to your child about cancer, illness and death.
By Samantha Mileto
The Truth and Reconciliation Commission shares stories of the impact of natives having their children taken from them by the Canadian government and put in schools to try to assimilate them
By Kelly Di Domenico
Nourri-Source has been helping French-speaking women for many years and it is now answering the call of English-speaking Montrealers with a bilingual website
By Samantha Mileto
This Eastern Townships borough has new trails for hiking, a water park pass that includes free access to an aerial course and mountain biking lessons for kids
By Angela Serednicki 
Riders will be sent into a tumbling free-fall full of twists, 360-degree somersaults and unexpected drops along a serpentine track