Issues: March 2020

In This Issue
Along the path, visitors can take in a variety of attractions including sculptures, gardens, historic buildings and more
By Brianna Ballard
A Montrealer has written three books that explain age-appropriate ways to talk to your child about cancer, illness and death.
By Samantha Mileto
Riders will be sent into a tumbling free-fall full of twists, 360-degree somersaults and unexpected drops along a serpentine track
The university's athletics department is adding camps that will have a lot of physical activity while honing some cognitive skills
By Samantha Mileto
The aim is to leverage strong social bonds among teen girls to cultivate a lifelong love of sports, running, dance or other physical activity
by Briana Tomkinson
An international speaker will share his story of addiction during high school and recovery
by Brianna Ballard
Cineplex's stand-alone entertainment centre will have games and attractions when it opens at the end of 2020
By Amanda Shore
The publication features more than 960 campgrounds in Quebec including glamping options and places that welcome pets
By Samantha Mileto
Adding a "gender expansive" tent creates an inclusive and accepting environment for all campers
by Briana Tomkinson
The goal is to teach parents about the behaviours and consequences that result when children spend too much time on the internet
by Samantha Mileto