Issues: June 2019

In This Issue
Aquazilla is one of the city's top attractions for kids during summer
By Meagan Boisse
Teens between 14 and 17 can learn the skills needed to work with kids with various special needs
by Jessica Romera
Kids can take part in a non-contact version of the sport in Ste. Anne de Bellevue
by Brianna Ballard
Families don't have to travel abroad to enjoy a beach - there are several not too far from the city.
By Maya Jarjour
There are plenty of fun activities for kids at this annual event in July
By Alexandre Denis
This event offers families classic carnival rides, local food, live music, agriculture exhibitions and more
by Brianna Ballard
Kids can learn what to do if they are caught in a fire and how to put out the flames as well as enjoy many fun activities
by Brianna Ballard
Participants can choose from eight races and every member of the family can participate to raise money for a good cause
by Brianna Ballard
The Eureka! festival at the Old Port will teach kids about a gamut of science-related topics and discoveries
by Brianna Ballard
A dietician wants to make nutrition information more accessible to help athletes with their performance
by Briana Tomkinson