Issues: July 2011

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There are many ways you can make these ocassions fun and enjoyable for everyone involved.
By Connie van den Hoogen
Keeping your children interested in reading over the summer can be a challenge. Here are three books that may do the trick.
By Kelly Di Domenico
Find out what 9 Montreal moms wish they had known about parenting before having had kids.
By Liz Warwick
Looking for an innovative party idea? Read on!
By Alyssa De Rosa
Discover ways to keep your kids from forgetting much of what they learned during the school year.
By Liz Warwick
Two great speakers - two powerful presentations on September 18, 2011.
By Kelly Wilton
Parenting publications from across North America and Australia took part in a recent editorial and design competition judged by the staff from the Missouri School of Journalism.
By Kelly Wilton
Learn all about "risky" behaviour and what you can do as a parent to help your kids make good decisions.
By liz warwick
When it comes to summer activities, Montrealers are some of the luckiest people around. Whether you love nature, music, sports or history, you’re likely to find a program, festival or event that will delight your family. Many of these activities are quite affordable, so you can boost the quota of summer fun without hurting your pocketbook. Below, you’ll find plenty of ideas we hope will inspire you to get out and enjoy these oh-so-fleeting months of sunshine.
By Alyssa De Rosa