Issues: January 2021

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29 fun games kids can play in the snow
From winter scavenger hunts to snow mazes, discover the multitude of ways your kids can enjoy winter's "sand"
Susan Scandiffio
A new support service for parents
This free and confidential service helps parents who have questions about child development, discipline, learning difficulties, and more
Christine Latreille
outdoor activities at Jean-Drapeau Park
This winter, families can enjoy a slew of activities, including snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, skating, sledding and climbing up an ice wall
Christine Latreille
Backyard rinks
Searching for a variety of ways to enjoy time outdoors this winter, many families have decided to take the plunge and build rinks in their backyards
By Christine Latreille
Boost hockey fitness off the ice
Hockey players may not be lacing up their skates very much these days but there are ways for them to hone their skills while at home
By Christine Latreille
celebrating women in science
From Feb. 1-11, the Montreal Science Centre and UQAM are inviting people to take part in a web series and activities that highlight females in science
Christine Latreille
programs to build life skills
The Youth Stars Foundation has a new location in D.D.O. and is offering online programs during the pandemic
By Samantha Mileto
Children's emergency rooms remain open
Despite the pandemic and curfew, the Montreal Children's Hospital and Sainte-Justine want to assure parents it is safe and permitted to bring their children to the emergency department
Christine Latreille
clear snow from car
It is especially important that the exhaust pipe is free of snow to prevent toxic fumes from being forced back inside the vehicle
by Kelly Wilton
Discover dazzling lights around Montreal
Looking for something safe and fun that will get the whole family into the holiday spirit? Hop in the car and check out these elaborate light displays and decorations
By Christine Latreille