Issues: January 2020

In This Issue
Studyo allows kids to keep track of their assignments and projects with an effective colour-coded timeline
By Jessica Romera
These four books are an age-appropriate way to educate young people about the dangers of firearms
by Kelly Di Domenico
Jeux Flyby video game lounge in St. Lazare aims to offer gamers an easy and affordable way to try new games for Xbox, Playstation, Sega and Wii
By Briana Tomkinson
Visitors can enjoy 16 tubing slides, a refrigerated skating rink, ice-sculpture demonstrations, winter sports and more
By Samantha Mileto
KidSport's annual campaign asks Canadians to donate money for kids whose families can’t afford sporting activities 
by Brianna Ballard
Find out what is a good age to let kids try out this sport and learn more about a place in Montreal that is offering ski and snowboard lessons
Jenn Hardy
The city's parks offer a number of activities for families, including fat biking, kite skiing, tobogganing, snow shoeing and skating
Kamila Hinkson
Raccoon Conversions offers a fun way to get kids in Grades 5 & 6 to master mathematical problems
By Samantha Mileto
An introductory course on the West Island entices moms to try the sport thanks to free childcare
by Briana Tomkinson
Studio Trybe is a centre that offers fitness classes for the whole family
Samantha Mileto