Issues: December 2019

In This Issue
It is especially important that the exhaust pipe is cleared of snow to prevent toxic fumes from being forced back inside the vehicle
by Kelly Wilton
Young kids can watch this musical event happening Theatre Desjardins in Lasalle
by Samantha Mileto
Axel features acrobatic ice-skating, live music, graphics and projections
by Samantha Mileto
Kids will get a kick out of coupons that gives them a day off school or unlimited screen time
by Sarah Lolley
If you are interested in giving the gift of reading this holiday season, head down to this book fair at Concordia University
By Brianna Ballard
There are several farms that invite families to kick off the holiday season by choosing a tree in the forest and sawing it down
By Sheena Purcell
Kids can take in Ogilvy's traditional Christmas window as well as some literary and musical events
by Samantha Mileto
STM’s Family Outings program makes travel hassle free and inexpensive
By Marco Galluccio
Find out what is a good age to let kids try out this sport and learn more about a place in Montreal that is offering ski and snowboard lessons
Jenn Hardy
Hundreds of fun Christmas events and activities throughout Montreal: parades, fun at the malls, Santa sightings, cooking classes, holiday movies, theatre & concerts, storytimes, crafts and more!
By Tracey Stafford