Issues: December 2018

In This Issue
A review of four books that highlight the joys of winter
Kelly Di Domenico
Five titles that help kids understand the world they live in and offer perspective, hope and compassion
by Kelly Di Domenico
Entrepreneur Jad Robitaille is trying to reduce waste and make high-quality clothing more affordable
by Briana Tomkinson
One of the only hubs for winter sports in the city, the park has been entirely revamped to be more accessible to skiers and snowboarders of all levels
by Alexandra Colatosti
The goal is to drive home that history isn’t just a collection of names and dates, but rather the collected stories of real people.
By Briana Tomkinson
Kids 5-8 can take advantage of free lessons being offered by a nonprofit group representing all ski resorts in the province.
by Briana Tomkinson
Stop by this event to purchase unique, handmade gifts for the holiday season
by Gabrielle Thomas
Although this is a fun activity in the winter, paediatricians say they treat many injuries because people don't take the proper precautions
By Dr. Denis Leduc
Discover how to spot and prevent frostbite in kids
By Dr. Shirley Blaichman
The pantomime show promises songs, dances, jokes and all sorts of silliness
by Alexandra Colatosti