Issues: April 2022

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add activity to easter
Stephanie Slate
11 active ways to celebrate Easter at home
Katrina Legault
A play about identity and acceptance
Geordie Theatre once again welcomes families for live productions
Alicia Lue
Camp allows kids to explore
The child-directed, nature-based program is set among the mature trees and lush fields of Mount Royal and Maisonneuve parks
Christine Latreille
Camp lets kids explore the world of murals
Kids will be taught about the history of murals, different styles and designs, as well as about street and public art
Alicia Lue
Concert and circus show geared to young kids
The multidisciplinary concert features an acrobat performing to music
Christine Latreille
Conference supports parents and kids
The virtual event offers resources to help facilitate parental involvement in learning
Christine Latreille
Event offers free astronomy
Planétarium Rio Tinto Alcan is hosting a day that includes presentations on astronomy, an astrophotography exhibit, and workshops
Christine Latreille
Families invited to discover revamped Insectarium
New program aims to help women during pregnancy
Christine Latreille