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09 Feb, Thursday
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Montreal Families

I Spy Parents: Jennifer Frezza, St. Lazare

For our second I Spy parent interview, I would like to introduce Jennifer Frezza, a St. Lazare mother and photographer. She runs Kaza Photography, offering services including family and portrait shots.

Photo by Jennifer Frezza

Photo by Jennifer Frezza

Hi Jennifer, tell us about yourself.
I am a mom first and photographer second … but being a photographer brings in more $$ 🙂

How many children do you have and what are their ages?
I have 2 children. My oldest is 12 and has just started high school and my youngest is 10. The time really does fly by … but they are at an age where it is possible to try anything – such FUN!

What area of Montreal do you live in?
I live in St. Lazare, just off the western tip of Montreal. It is a great, dynamic community with a rural setting. We really do enjoy the best of both worlds. The area is overflowing with young families! To be totally honest, I am thinking of moving back to the city as the children get older. But the rest of the family is not in agreement – yet!

Photo by Jennifer Frezza

Photo by Jennifer Frezza

Do you have any tips for parents whose children don’t like being photographed? How do you catch children in the moment? (Mine typically have to be seated and eating for me to get a good shot.)
The best thing anyone can do is not push the issue. This can be completely stressful for everyone involved, and you really won’t end up with a keepsake. Try to wait until your child is relaxed; think after nap time and meals. Photographing them while they are content doing what they enjoy will produce fantastic pictures. You have to wait for the right moment and then CLICK!

Can you share any favourite fall or winter weekend activities or destinations in your area?

We enjoy going to Base de Plein Air Les Cèdres. There are activities for the whole family: cross-country skiing, skating and children’s tubing! It really is a great year round place for outdoor activities! The children also enjoy Arbraska, which is a jungle of zip lines throughout a wooded area in Rigaud. There are runs for various ages and skill levels – it’s just fun! Editor’s note: There are Arbraska locations in Rigaud, Rawdon, Mont St. Grégoire and Mount Orford. The activities are designed for ages 5 and up.

Are there any family-friendly services or activities that you wish there were more of in Montreal?
I wish there were more activities and services geared to the “tween” set. I find that there are a ton of choices for families with babies and toddlers, and there are many which are geared to teens, but the families with children ages 7-13 don’t have as many activities available to them, or they are not advertised as well.

Parents of tweens, what do you think? Does Montreal need more activities to keep them out of the mall?

Great to meet you, Jennifer!

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