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28 Nov, Monday
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Montreal Families

I Spy Montreal Gift Guide


Lots of us like to shop for local, handmade gifts, but it’s not always easy to track down all the great stuff out there. Here’s a list of locally-based businesses – some online and some traditional – that sell great items for babies and children. Several of them are run by parents who somehow manage to fit a creative business in around everything else on their to-do list. Why not check them out – and give them a little support – before heading to the mall or Wal-Mart? Please add your suggestions of locally-made products that are of interest to children and parents in the comments section 🙂

Baby Burrito: Handmade, brightly printed baby slings, blankets, changing pads and sun hats.

babyburrito sling page

Raplapla: These are not your mother’s dolls. Quirky, offbeat dolls and doudous made by Erica Perrot, a former fashion designer and teacher.


Glup Bébé: An alternative to bibs, these cute kerchiefs can be worn to protect baby’s clothes, and can also be worn around their heads. They come in solid colours and a range of nice patterns.

glup bebe

Petit Peton: These hand-knitted socks are so cute I just can’t stand it!

petit peton

Hip Kid T-Shirts: These silkscreened T-shirts feature funky designs for babies and children, including cowboy and pirate motifs.

hip kid t-shirts

Paisley Baby: Handmade, beautifully printed wet bags for diapers, as well as bibs and other accessories for babies and parents.

paisley baby

Zoo Babies: These baby onesies come in several super cute, yet sophisticated, designs with animals on them. Great idea for anyone who is expecting.

zoo baby

Katkaland Creatures: Funny, funky stuffed creatures and critters are what you’ll find here. These brightly coloured and patterned stuffies are definitely original!

katkaland creatures

Dead Dolls Clothing: Goth parents, this is for you! These baby and toddler clothes are for “kids who have a liking for the darker side of life,” according to the shop owner. Dresses, onesies and other items feature a skull and crossbones symbol, and there’s lots of black.

dead dolls clothing

Dekolina: Beautiful, Scandinavian-style art prints for children’s rooms. You can get customized prints based on the letter of your child’s name.


Boutique Karma: Tara Hale sells super practical crayon roll-ups, which are fabric carriers for crayons that roll up nicely for car trips, restaurant visits, and other excursions. Great idea to keep a couple around for hyper kids on the go.

boutique karma

RunSystem 63: Amelie, a local mother of three, sells handmade bellybands from her Etsy shop. Bellybands are maternity accessories that help keep you looking stylish as your tummy grows.

P’tit Coulou: These fabric “cocoons” go on portable car seats to keep babies warm in the winter – eliminating the need to wrestle little ones into a snowsuit before each outing.

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