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08 Dec, Thursday
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How to get kids interested in astronomy

A lot might be uncertain at the moment, but there are still some things that will definitely, positively, for sure happen in 2021, and Trevor Kjorlien of Plateau Astro wants to help us see them.

Celestial events coming to Montreal

Kjorlien recently launched his Plateau Astro colouring book Future Skies: Montreal 2021, which features 10 celestial events that can be viewed throughout the coming year from different Montreal locations.

Photo: Plateau Astro

Available in English and French, the book is locally made and features 10 different artworks to colour in, each created by a Montreal artist. Before each illustration, you can read about the artist and find where to where to follow them online.

The 10 events featured in the book take place starting late May and continue until November 2021.

“Some events are rare and spectacular, such as the partial solar eclipse on June 10th, at 5:00 AM, but some events are “ordinary”, such as a sunset featuring our Moon. Future Skies aims to build excitement and anticipation for these “ordinary” events by predicting how the sky will look at the exact moment and location.”
-Trevor Kjorlien

Photo: Plateau Astro

A unique way to get kids interested in astronomy

While waiting for May, fans of the night sky can sign up for the Future Skies newsletter to get downloadable artwork of what the sky will look like during the chilly winter months. You can also view a map where all the scenes will take place throughout the year.

The astronomical events are perfect viewing opportunities for people of all ages, says Kjorlien. “This is a unique way to get kids (and adults!) to look forward and be excited about things they may not have noticed before. And when the events happen, it’ll make people go “Wow! How were they able to predict that?!” and get more interested in space, science, and astronomy.”

In addition to the new colouring book, Kjorlien offers Facebook and Instagram live streams where viewers can learn about different astronomy and space concepts and share close-up views of the Moon and planets through his telescope.

Future Skies: Montreal 2021 is available to purchase for $20 on the Plateau Astro website at plateauastro.com

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