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26 Nov, Saturday
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Montreal Families

How bonding with kids affects personal development

What makes a child more resilient than their peers or better able to deal with their emotions? Some believe it could have to with attachment (how well a child bonds with their primary caregivers).

Gina Carvalho, a foster care worker at the CIUSSS Ouest de l’Ile de Montreal who holds a master’s degree in educational counseling, will be leading a workshop on this topic on June 7. She says attachment is a clinical term that describes how we’re wired to bond to caregivers. The quality of the attachment that is established in childhood influences the development of a child’s personality, explains their behaviour and affects the quality of the relationships they will have later in life.

For example, when children who form insecure attachments are frightened or anxious, they become clingy. Children who form secure attachments are better at dealing with those situations because they know there’s someone who can help if needed, Carvalho explained.

The seminar begins at 7 p.m. and will focus on basic attachment styles and how parents can foster secure attachments. She will also explain how to adjust attachment styles as children mature.  It takes place at the Cote St. Luc Public Library, 5851 Cavendish Blvd. It’s free but register in advance by calling 514-485-6900 ext. 4121.

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