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26 Mar, Sunday
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Montreal Families

Hot toys for summertime

Warm weather means the kids can pull their bikes out from the garage, go hunting for those lost soccer balls and maybe even take that first dive into the swimming pool.

But let’s be honest — eventually a child is going to complain of boredom. After all, two months of unstructured summer play can sometimes feel like a lifetime to children.

To avoid any dull moments around the house and ensure children get the most out of their summer vacation, we’ve asked some Montreal toy experts for their top summer fun suggestions. Hania Brooks of KidLink in N.D.G and Sarados Matzouranis of Funky Toys in Pointe Claire, know exactly what it takes to keep children playing outdoors for hours.  Here are some summer toy picks your kids won’t want to miss:

Ages 3 and up

Ogodisk, OgoSport $25

This round disk offers many possibilities for active play. It can be used as a Frisbee, a ball launcher or a paddle for impromptu tennis games. In fact, its use is limited only by a child’s imagination. This two-disk set can be used alone or with friends. It is available in different sizes to accommodate younger and older children.

SwingBall, SwingBall $39.99

There will never be a dull moment around the house again with a swingball set. Similar to the game of Tetherball, this Swingball set comes equipped with a stationary pole from which a ball is hung, and is held in place by a base that can be filled with water or sand. The set can easily be transported from the backyard to the beach or park. Available in two sizes for younger and older children.

Ages 5 and up

Heli Blaster Rocket Launcher, Air Hogs $24.99

Impress your children by presenting them with this kid-powered rocket launcher. The Heli Blaster propels a rocket up to 50 feet in the air; the projectile then comes back down as a helicopter. Kids just need to place the rocket on the launch pad and jump on the stomp pad to watch the rocket fly.

Ages 6 and up

Zippy Flyer, MindtwisterUSA $69.99

Your kids don’t need to have super coordination or special skills to appreciate a skateboard. The Zippy Flyer, 22-inch plastic skateboard, is the perfect way to cruise around the block or to get to a friend’s house faster. It comes in many fun colours like orange and blue that appeal to both genders.

Mermaid Wigglers, Prime Time Toys $13.99

Pool time will never be the same with the Mermaid Wiggle dive sticks. Children can dive and chase after these cute mermaid sticks, while the mermaids tails wiggle and dance through the water with them. Just remember to supervise not-so-strong swimmers as they splash about!

Ages 8 and up

Pumponator, Pumponator $14.99

An old-fashion water balloon fight just got easier with the Pumponator.  Avoid the messy spills on the bathroom floor or fighting with the hose when you use this portable gadget. It allows children to fill up water balloons anywhere, hassle free and comes with 500 balloons. This smart idea was invented by a kid, for kids.

Moon Air Pogo Stick, Big Time Toys $69.99

What kid can resist the bounce, bounce, bounce of a pogo stick? This classic toy not only helps burn off excess energy but also build coordination and balance. The Moon Air pogo stick is a great choice if you want your kids jumping to new heights.

Ages 10 and up

Remote Controlled Sail Boat, LiteHack $99.99

Children can enjoy the water in a whole new way with this remote controlled sailboat.  It takes a certain amount of skill and practice to get the boat sailing smoothly and will give young sailors a good summer challenge to master.


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