Horizon High School



Horizon High School is a welcoming alternative school for at-risk youth. The school offers students a safe, tolerant and understanding atmosphere within a structured setting. Our philosophy is that students who come to our school deserve another opportunity for success and it’s imperative that we teach them to make the appropriate choices for themselves.

In the Junior program (ages 13-15), our goal is to help students reach appropriate grade levels in the core subjects (Math, English and French). Students’ behaviours and attitudes will adjust to the point that they are able to return to their home school or move into our Senior program.

Students in the Senior program (ages 15-18) work towards high school graduation and will be prepared to attend CEGEP, move towards a vocational program or enter the workforce. Our goal is the help them develop the maturity and responsibility to become successful in adult life. Admission is through an internal referral process, starting in Grade 8.

About Horizon High School

90 Jubilee Square
Pointe-Claire, QC H9R 1M3