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02 Dec, Friday
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Montreal Families

High-tech laser tag labyrinth opens in Brossard

A new laser tag arena that recently opened in Brossard promises an immersive, thrilling experience for children and adults. Laser Game Evolution (LGE), located in the Quartier DIX30 complex in Brossard, is designed as a sequence of three, multi-level labyrinths, allowing up to 35 players on six teams to play at once. Players don protective vests and try to disable as many opponents as possible while navigating a dark space designed with barricades, reflective zones, special effects, balconies and corridors.

Using cutting-edge laser technology, rather than the typical infrared lasers, LGE promises game aficionados precision targeting. With the older infrared technology, duels were often won by whoever shot first. These new, 100 per cent laser guns require precision to hit the target, creating a more realistic and challenging experience.

Groups can reserve each section separately or combine them together, to ensure the arena is correctly sized for the number of players. Players have enough room to run around, while being close enough to each other to ensure no one will go long without spotting another player to target.

The game is suitable for kids 7 and up and starts at $10 per player for 20 minutes sessions. Birthday parties and other groups can rent space for private events.

First established in Grenoble, France 20 years ago, Laser Game Evolution is now in 86 gaming centres in six countries around the world. The company operates three centres in the province (the other two are in the Quebec City area). The centre is located at 9520 Leduc Blvd.

For more information, visit lasergame-evolution.ca.

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