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27 Jan, Friday
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Montreal Families

Help for kids with social struggles

Perl Greenfeld is passionate about helping kids improve their social skills. She has been a speech pathologist for four years and previously worked with children with special needs. “Kids with poor social skills really suffer,” Greenfeld  says. “It impacts their quality of life and everyday living in every interaction.”

In order to help Montreal-area children improve their social skills, Greenfeld will be offering a series of group sessions this summer where the focus on teaching kids with difficulties about conversation, negotiation, collaboration and turn-taking as well as how to use one’s body to demonstrate listening and participation.

Each session will comprise a group of four children and the lesson will be tailored to their particular abilities and needs. Groups will be made up of children with similar social skill needs. Children will not necessarily be divided up by their particular medical designations, rather, children will be grouped with peers of similar age and social difficulties.

“Kids who lack social skills usually have a hard time generalizing and applying. If you’re doing it one-on-one they might do it very well for you in the session but the moment they need to apply it, they don’t do it,” says Greenfeld, explaining why she chose to offer group sessions. “A group provides that opportunity to learn skills and apply them at the same time.”

The cost per session is $55. For more information,call 514-712-5258 or email speechtherapy.perl@gmail.com

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