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06 Oct, Thursday
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Montreal Families

Have your say on how to make bullying go away

Minister of Families, Francine Charbonneau, announced earlier this month that she is seeking input from the public on how best to tackle the issue of bullying.

In June, Charbonneau invited the public to complete a web questionnaire about their opinions on bullying in Quebec. In light of the Oct. 2 Forum on Fighting, Charbonneau is looking for more detailed solutions from the community.

“The fight against bullying affects everyone,” Charbonneau wrote in a Sept. 15 release. “Therefore, in addition to the online consultation, we also want to collect proposals from citizens and organizations wishing to comment on the fight against bullying in Quebec by filing a brief. This other method of consultation will allow them to express themselves more extensively on the subject and on priority actions they deem necessary to prevent bullying and act against it.”

Individuals wishing to submit a proposal must do so by sending an email to forumintimidation@mfa.gouv.qc.ca no later than Nov. 30.

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