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24 Mar, Friday
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Montreal Families

Guided Tour: Victor Rousselot Park

Victor Rousselot Park
Address: Next to Ecole Victor Rousselot, 3525 Emilie St., St. Henri and across from Atwater Market. View map
Parking: On the streets or in the lots surrounding Atwater Market.

The name Victor Rousselot Park will probably not ring a bell if you live outside the St. Henri area, but you have probably noticed this park across the street from Atwater Market. Having driven by it a number of times, and being lobbied by the peanut gallery to stop there, we decided to give it a go before a recent visit to the market.

Equipment caters to younger and older kids

It’s not fancy, and there’s a fair bit of graffiti on the equipment, but it was a good spot to spend about half an hour with the kids before visiting Atwater for lunch (European hot dogs). The park has an area for older kids – about 2.5 and up – and a fenced-off section for younger ones. Two nice features are the play house in the younger section, and the giant spider web in the older section. If you want to draw your visit out a little longer, bring a ball because there’s lots of room for soccer practice.

It’s Compact and Contained, so Bring a Coffee or a Picnic
Since most of the park is fenced, and it’s all in a compact area, parents can relax on a bench with a coffee without having to wonder whether the kids are wandering off. Another idea is to round up some friends, grab your food at the market and then head here for a picnic, because Atwater Market can get really crowded on the weekends. If you need bathrooms, the best ones to use are inside the market.

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