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07 Feb, Tuesday
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Montreal Families

Guided Tour: Verger Terrasolen Organic Orchard

Verger Terrasolen
Address: 12555 Côte des Saints, Mirabel
Telephone: 450-475-6891
Email: vergerterrasolen@gmail.com

In search of an organic apple orchard that doesn’t involve crossing the unpredictable Champlain Bridge, we took the kids to Verger Terrasolen in Mirabel. This orchard grows various types of apples, but mostly liberty, which resist disease better than many other kinds. They also taste incredible.

Verger Terrasolen has a simpler, off-the-beaten track feeling compared with other orchards, which are often packed and feel like tourist attractions at this time of year. When you drive in, you see a red barn-like building where produce including lettuce, cherry tomatoes, ground cherries and garlic is sold. There’s also a play set with a few swings for kids. Several other families had brought picnics to eat on the grassy hill in front of the barn.

Just for fun, you can take a short tractor ride into the orchard, or walk – it’s not far to go. The trees are not particularly dense or tall, so there’s no need for ladders here, which makes it great for toddlers. They may actually be more interested in eating (three apples in a row) than picking anyway.

So we now have about 20 pounds of organic apples in our house. How many apple crumbles does that make?

Tip: If you want to buy some picnic food to eat on the way, the local IGA is on the way to the farm.

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