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27 Jan, Friday
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Montreal Families

Guided Tour: Notre Dame de Grace Park

Notre Dame de Grâce Park
Address: Park is between Sherbrooke St. and Côte St. Antoine St., and Girouard and Marcil Sts. (view map)
Parking: On surrounding streets
Bathrooms: In the chalet

Notre Dame de Grâce Park is really one-stop-shopping when it comes to downtown park facilities, and worth a visit even if you don’t live in the area.

Something for everyone. Dogs, too

There are two large, modern climbing structures for different age groups, as well as a super water play setup. One of the features that make this park great for parents is that the play areas are fenced, which helps keep track of the kids in this relatively large green space. Bathrooms are right in the central chalet, and there’s a fenced-in dog park and baseball diamond. Another bonus for parents is the number of benches and picnic tables in each area – so, yes, bring coffee.

Fun playground equipment

The primary-coloured play area will attract toddlers, especially with the bouncy snail, bee and ladybug waiting to take them for a ride. The older kids area is great for little monkeys and Spider-men-wannabes, because it’s got lots of opportunities for hanging, swinging and climbing, plus a big kids’ slide. Age-appropriate swing sets are in both sections of the park, and there’s tons of open space for playing tag or practicing soccer.

Although there are lots of big, beautiful trees around the park, the younger kids’ playground doesn’t get much shade, so it may be best to plan a water play visit during the hottest times of day. For lunch, there are some casual restaurants on Sherbrooke St., which borders the south side of the park.

N.D.G. parents, do you prefer N.D.G. Park or Somerled Park?

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