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27 Jan, Friday
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Montreal Families

Guided Tour: Mix'Arts St. Laurent Street Sale

The Mix’Arts St. Laurent Street Sale was a blast with our kids today, thanks to great food and a few family-friendly features. If you haven’t been yet, it’s on through Sunday, Aug. 29, on St. Laurent Blvd. between Sherbrooke and Mount Royal St.

Go on an empty stomach! From the European sausage sandwiches, to mango on a stick, to brownies from Juliette et Chocolat, to pad thai, to frozen yogurt at Yeh!, we tried it all. Plus, it’s much more fun for kids to eat while walking, or just hanging out on the sidewalk.

Though most of the stores have their products displayed on the street, there’s not much of interest for young kids. But, our guys did get a kick out of a few tables selling small toys.

The highlight was watching magician Richard Lacroix performing near the corner of Pine Ave. He was pulling coins out of kids’ ears, T-shirts and hats. He also has children in the audience help him perform certain tricks, which gets them even more into the show.

Further up the street, at 4244 St. Laurent Blvd., there are two inflatable bouncers with slides, which were surprisingly not crowded. Since there are people supervising the inflatables, parents can relax for a minute while kids bounce off the walls.

The beautiful Jeanne Mance Playground is nearby, for children who need more action before or after visiting the street sale.


  • Bring a stroller/child carrier for kids age four and below – when the street gets hot and crowded, it will make it easier to keep track of where they are.
  • Bring hats and sunscreen – there’s not a lot of shade.
  • If you need to use a bathroom, the ones in Juliette and Chocolat, on the corner of St. Laurent and Prince Arthur, are beautiful.
  • Parking is available on side streets.
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