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07 Feb, Tuesday
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Montreal Families

Guided Tour: Kent Park

Kent Park
Location: Corner of Côte des Neiges and Kent Sts., Côte des Neiges (view map)
Bathrooms: In the wading pool chalet

If you don’t want to drive to the outskirts of Montreal to go to a water park, let the kids loose at the new water play area in Kent Park. Fountains, jets, sprinklers, sprayers, toppling buckets of water and drooling pelicans – it’s all here. If that’s not enough water, there’s a spacious wading pool, too.

The borough of N.D.G-Côte des Neiges recently finished this water play area, which is one of the biggest municipal splash parks in Quebec. It’s surrounded by lots of benches, shaded areas and picnic tables. Thankfully, bathrooms and changing areas are steps away in the wading pool chalet. Parks with water play are great for those of us with kids who haven’t yet learned to swim. Safety is less of an issue, so we can relax and stay on dry ground while the kids run around, splashing and screaming.

Super Playground

Kent Park is worth a trip aside from the new facilities. Right next to the wading pool and water park are two large, modern playgrounds – one for toddlers, the other for around age 4 and up. There are swings, see saws and climbing gear for each age group. Despite the fact that Kent Park is right next to busy Côte des Neiges St., you wouldn’t know it – the park area is bordered by hedges, and there are lots of large trees offering shade inside the park.

Bring a Picnic

In the greater park area, there are lots of open spaces to sit under a tree or at a table with a picnic. There are also sports fields, tennis courts and a regular swimming pool at the other end of the park. A few blocks away on Côte des Neiges St., there’s a huge McDonalds (not recommending, just saying) and various other restaurant choices.

Have you gotten soaked at Kent Park? Tell us about the water play parks in your area!

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