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27 Jan, Friday
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Montreal Families

Guided Tour: Charbonneau Park, Rosemere

We visited Rosemère on one of those days when both kids had fallen asleep in the car, and we had no chance of making it home and transferring them into to bed. Environmentally unfriendly as it is, sometimes we just pick a direction and drive while they sleep.

The direction we chose was Rosemère, because my neighbour (who grew up there) had mentioned a park that sounded interesting. We had no idea of the name of the park or how to get there. That’s how we roll. Unbelievably, we didn’t find the park.

We did discover that Rosemère, which is north of Laval, is a Hudson-like area with lots of character houses, manicured gardens and wagon-wheel charm. And we did find eventually find a beautiful park, right on the Mille Îles River.

Charbonneau Park is one of those hub-of-the-community parks, close to the arena, soccer fields and other town facilities, with an incredible water view. It has all the standard playground equipment for toddlers up to around age 12, plus a “beach” (a strip of sand, where kids can go right up to the water), ducks and geese (while quantities last), gazebos, mini wood bridges and a long wharf to walk out on.

While we were there, the kids had a great surprise because several seaplanes zoomed in for a landing and took off again in the water right in front of the park. They had propellers and everything! This park is also a great spot to see fall colours, because of the surrounding forested areas.

Charbonneau Park
Address: At the intersection of Charbonneau St. and Skelton St.
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Tip: The only bathrooms in sight were porta-potties. But, a short drive from the park on the main street, Grand Côte, there are various places (restaurants, etc.) that would have bathrooms.

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