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Montreal Families

Gardening workshops geared to kids

In an effort to teach young people about agriculture and horticulture, the N.D.G. Food Depot is offering gardening workshops for children. The non-profit organization aims to meet the basic food needs of families and individuals with low income, and address underlying problems such as poor nutrition and kitchen skills.

Ça pousse! is a project that was created in response to the growing demand for more urban agriculture in Montreal. “It’s really important to reconnect kids with their environment, nature and their food,” says Thibaud Liné, the workshop coordinator. “It can change their perspective on what they eat everyday by growing their own food.”

Theory and practical skills are taught in five sequential workshops in which kids learn about composting and trash reduction, seeds and the life cycle of plants, urban agriculture technology, the protection of biodiversity, and conserving the harvest.

Liné says the project is a fresh and fun way to learn about some of the topics children study in school. “Kids often get bored in school because they are sitting for long hours, so going outside and taking part in these active, hands-on workshops is good for their health and learning,” he says.

Schools can take part whether they have a garden or not. Workshop prices vary depending on the package selected. For more information, visit capousse.com.

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