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27 Jan, Friday
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Montreal Families

French science podcasts for kids

Can you escape from a black hole? Does Uranus have a solid core? What are Venus’ clouds made of? If your little scientist is full of questions about everything under the sun, new podcasts from Montréal Space for Life may have some of the answers.

Available in French, the Montréal Space for Life youth podcasts are aimed at children aged 7 to 9 and feature four different series, one for each of the Montréal Space for Life museums.

Each series features six episodes of 10 to 12 minutes, which can be listened to back-to-back or one at a time:

  • Astro-bien, agence de voyages intergalactiques ⎼ The Planétarium Rio Tinto Alcan
  • Radio-Plantes, la radio par et pour les plantes  ⎼ The Jardin botanique
  • Les rendez-vous littéraires des animaux  ⎼ The Biodôme
  • Les insectes chez le psy ⎼ The Insectarium

Through playful stories, children will learn about planets, plants, animals and insects. Combining moments of poetry and reflection, the podcasts are a unique way to pique children’s curiosity about nature and encourage a love of all things science. While geared to young kids, the whole family may enjoy getting to know the various characters in each series.

Just in time for spring break, the first podcast is already available and focuses on space.
ASTRO-BIEN, une agence de voyages intergalactiques
is a collection of six episodes that follow the adventurous Michel Vadeboncoeur and his intergalactic travel agency ASTRO-BIEN.

Episode 1 ⎼ Vénus (venus)
Episode 2 ⎼ Uranus
Episode 3 ⎼ Le système de Trappist (The Trappist System)
Episode 4 ⎼ Les nébuleuses (The Nebula)
Episode 5 ⎼ Les trous noirs (Black Holes)
Episode 6 ⎼ Une destination unique! (A Unique Destination!)
Link to the podcasts

The three other Montréal Space for Life youth podcast series will be broadcast successively throughout the year. Subscribe to the Montréal Space for Life audio feed to get an alert when they go online.


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More things to discover during spring break

Montréal Space for Life is also offering a host of online activities for kids and families during spring break.

The Montréal Space for Life quizzes live on Facebook (in French only)
Live on Facebook from March 1 to 4, at 3 p.m. Different quizzes will have you challenging family and friends. If you miss the live, animated virtual get-togethers, you can participate in the Montréal Space for Life quizzes (available in English) on the Web.

Young inquiring minds
Simple and fun activities for all ages with stories, question-and-answer capsules, arts and craft ideas, and more.

The Origines virtual exhibition
The Planétarium Rio Tinto Alcan presents an exhibition of photographs of planet Earth by photographer Olivier Grunewald, with texts by Bernadette Gilbertas.

Find it all at espacepourlavie.ca

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