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02 Oct, Sunday
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Montreal Families

Free webinar tackles how to get kids off screens

As parents grappled with lockdown measures and shuttered schools at the height of the pandemic, children’s access to, and use of, screens increased exponentially. In fact, a study from Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital’s research institute in Toronto showed that screen time increased by more than three hours per day during that time.

Now, as life edges back to normal, some parents are finding themselves facing a new battle: internet and screen addiction, which can have dire long-term consequences.

Managing screen time

To help parents deal with this issue, the Montreal Centre for Learning Disabilities will be hosting a free webinar Feb. 8 at 8 p.m. called The Internet: A Slow Road to Disconnect Children. It will be given by Australian psychologist Brad Marshall who is the Director of The Internet Addiction Clinic in Sydney and author of The Tech Diet for your Child and Teen. He will be sharing his ‘7 Unplugged Steps’ to help parents manage screen time.

Children and technology

Linda Aber, certified family life educator, says the pandemic has compounded the problems for parents who were already struggling to get their children to disconnect. Aber says the goal of the webinar is to help parents deal with the problematic issues that arise from technology and to formulate a plan on how to change the ways their children use and interact with technology.

The webinar is open to everyone including educators and students, but parents will likely find it particularly helpful. They will learn about the psychology behind the addictive nature of social media and excessive internet use as well as how to recognize signs of overuse, and strategies to take control of kids’ screen habits.

For more information or to sign-up, visit ldmontreal.ca/tech-addiction-webinar.

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