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04 Feb, Saturday
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Montreal Families

Free virtual parenting conference

On Feb. 24, a virtual event featuring local healthcare professionals and specialists in early childhood development will shed light on a host of parenting topics.

Beginning at 7 p.m., the speakers will give their presentations, which will be followed by a Q&A breakout session where parents will have the opportunity to connect with the professionals.

The event was created by father of six, Itsik Romano with the help of a networking colleague, Magalie Seabrooke.

Romano says he knows first hand that parents may be in the dark about a lot of children’s health issues. His fourth son was diagnosed with speech and language problems at a young age but the actual cause was only discovered many years later.

“We invested in speech therapy for him for two years,” he said. “When he was 5, we noticed his food intake was not the same as that of his older brothers when they were his age. Also, he complained that his teeth hurt, and that was why he didn’t want to eat like a regular boy his age. We called our dentist, who diagnosed him with a condition called tongue tie. We had never heard of it.”

Romano says he hopes the speakers can impart some knowledge that will help educate parents and caregivers.

The following is a list of speakers and topics

Paula Ruttle, Ph.D. Developmental Psychologist at The Sleep Clinic.
Your child’s sleep affects important stages of early childhood development– here’s how to encourage healthy sleep habits to help your child thrive.

Sochea Da Lung-Tor Dentist at the Centre Dentaire Lakeshore
Your child’s first visit to the dentist should take place long before the first tooth comes out. Find out why.

Patrick Achkar Osteopath D.O. at PosturoPlus+
A baby’s flat head can be a sign of stiffness of the neck, and is easily avoided.

Kimberly Martins, M.A. CCC-SLP Orthophonie VOX LINGUE Speech & Language
As parents, we always want to know what our baby’s gibberish really means; should we worry if we haven’t heard a meaningful word after the baby’s first birthday?

Monica Sourour Money & Budget Coach: Optimizing Maternity Leave for parents
How to maximize maternity leave on a budget and make it work with the reduced income?

Magalie Seabrooke RESP Specialist at C.S.T. Savings Inc.
A hidden gem for parents? It’s called an RESP (Registered Education Savings Plan). Learn what it is and why every child should benefit from it.

Nikki Spinelli Natural Products Consultant at Mini & Me Naturals
Why do we have soap for babies? Why their soap is not ok for us and vice versa.

Free registration at pamtalks.com 

Read the story that inspired the concept for this event: pamtalks.com/parents-how-do-you-know-what-you-dont-know

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