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27 Jan, Friday
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Get up and boogie at these dance classes

Find your inner ballerina, or introduce a tiny dancer to the world of creative movement with a variety of free online dance classes and resources from Canada’s National Ballet School (NBS).

Through the power of technology, NBS is engaging dance lovers of all ages and abilities with the physical, social, and emotional benefits of dance — right from your living room, basement, or classroom!

Age-appropriate movement

The Bring dance into your home activity library offers lessons that are easy for all to follow while introducing the joy and power of dance.

Resources for kids include activities led by NBS’ community dance teachers and range from step-by-step videos for kids 3-6, to activity plans that link creative movements to other skills development. Cardiovascular dance with Ashleigh Powell will keep everyone heart-healthy, or join artist Angela Gladue for a study of powwow and hip-hop dance.

Explore the resources for all ages where the whole family can learn 2020’s NBS Sharing Dance Choreography, or share the seniors programs with the grandparents so they can enjoy seated and standing courses.

If you are looking for more creative movement activities to keep everyone active during this time, visit NBS’ Online Learning Space, where you’ll find even more online dance resources that can be adapted for home use.

Dance as a whole-body stress-reliever

At a time of increased anxiety, kids still need opportunities to move, be active, and have fun. Dancing — like other physical activities — releases endorphins (the “feel-good” hormones) and can help relieve the stress of schoolwork and isolation. Dancing together as a family can encourage bonding, channels pent-up energy in a positive way, and allows for motor-skill development, self-expression, and body awareness. School teachers also use the resources and creative movements as beneficial “brain breaks” between lessons and as an opportunity for social and developmental growth.

Visit www.nbs-enb.ca/danceathome to access the free online dance classes and resources.

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