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02 Dec, Friday
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Montreal Families

Free mobile app aims to boost literacy in kids

Created by the Centre for Family Literacy, an organization that develops educational programs in Alberta, Flit (families learning and interacting together) is a phone and tablet application that offers 116 activities parents and kids can do together to enhance literacy skills. These include reading, writing, numbers, cooking, games, rhymes and crafts.

Although it is an app, the intention isn’t for kids to spend more time with technology. Rather, it suggests day-to-day activities that teach kids about numbers or words in a fun way. For example, children can count socks when doing laundry, measure ingredients while helping with a recipe, take a walk and read traffic signs or find different ways to craft and play their own board game.

The app explains how making and playing with playdough can be educational. It will teach kids to read a recipe, measure and mix the ingredients, as well as talk about what they are doing. This sort of activity will encourage your child to get more involved with other similar tasks.

This app is a good way to get children to interact with others by talking, counting, reading or playing. It is available for Apple and Android devices.

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