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27 Mar, Monday
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Montreal Families

Festival lets kids see the world through films

Children can crisscross the globe through film during the 19th edition of the Festival international du film pour enfants de Montréal. Bring your young film enthusiasts to discover movies from countries including France, Russia, Uruguay and Colombia. From live action to animation, this festival offers a selection of different films for children and teenagers ages 2 to 14.

The festival kicks off Feb. 27 and goes until March 6, and films will be shown at various locations around the city including Cinema Beaubien, Cinema du Parc, (which will show English versions of some of the movies), Cinémathèque québécoise and at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

These are a few of the films that will screen during the festival.

Phantom Boy (France/Belgium): From the minds of Alain Gagnol and Jean-Loup Felicioli comes Phantom Boy, an animated film about 11-year-old New Yorker Leo who is in the hospital with a grave illness. When Leo discovers he can float around the streets of the Big Apple and through walls, he enlists the help of a police officer and a reporter to ward off a notorious local gangster.

Avril et le monde truqué (France/Belgium/Canada): This animated movie tells the story of Avril, a young girl living in France during the 1940s. But in this fictional tale, Napoleon V rules the country with an iron fist and scientists have been seemingly vanishing into thin air for several decades. Avril, voiced by Academy Award-winning French actor Marion Cotillard, goes on a journey to find her parents – two of the scientists who have gone missing.

Lilly and the Magic Pearl (France/ Bulgaria): This animated adventure by director Anri Koulev tells the story of a young girl named Lilly who becomes immersed in the fairytale she has just been listening to in a telephone booth. Lilly plunges into an underwater world and must look for a magic pearl while fighting off aquatic creatures.

Siv Sleeps Astray (Sweden/Netherlands): In this film directed by Catti Edfeldt, 7-year-old Siv sleeps over at her friend Cerisia’s house for the first time, and things are not exactly as they appear. When she wakes up in the middle of the night, she encounters two talking badgers who help her on a journey of self-discovery.

Jeremy (Mexico): This is the story of a very young boy with a very high IQ. Directed by Anwar Safa, the film chronicles the daily life of 8-year-old Jeremy who feels like an outsider at school and even at home. All he wants is to feel normal without the pressure that comes with an IQ of 160.

The Games Maker (Canada/Argentina/Italy): In this live-action film, Ivan becomes enamoured with the world of board games, and decides to try his hand at inventing his own game. He comes up against the seasoned inventor Morodian, who is hell-bent on reducing the city Ivan’s grandfather founded to ashes.

Tickets cost $12.50 for ages 15+ and $7.50 for kids.

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit fifem.com.

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