Family Services & Support Directory

When families and individuals need help, finding the right information and local resources can be tough.

Our Family Services directory offers a wealth of information about important issues, such as caring for seniors, what to do in the case of elder abuse, places to turn when dealing with domestic violence, community agencies that offer families a helping hand, anti-bullying information for parents, addiction support and much more.

Family Services & Support

Centre des Femmes de Montreal

(514) 842-4780

Category: Domestic Violence, Legal services, Sexual assault support

Centre for Reproductive Loss


Category: Grief counselling

Chabad Lifeline

(514) 738-7700

Category: Addiction support

Chambre des notaries du Québec

(800) 668-2473

Category: Legal services

Chez Doris

(514) 937-2341

Category: Domestic Violence, Women's shelters

Child Centered Divorce Network

Category: Divorce

City of Montreal


Category: Government services

Coalition des familles LGBT



Category: Gay/bisexual/transgender support, Parenting Support

Collective Community Services (CCS)

(514) 937-5351

Category: Community agencies, Parenting Support

Commission de la Santé et de la Sécurité du travail (CSST)


Category: Government services

Commission des Normes du Travail


Category: Government services

Commission des services juridiques


(514) 873-3562

Category: Legal services

Community Mediation

514-630-9864 ext. 5215

Category: Mediation

Compassionate Friends


Category: Grief counselling

Consumer Product Safety Bureau

(514) 283-5488

Category: Consumer Advocacy

Consumer Protection Office

(514) 253-6556

Category: Consumer Advocacy

Corporation accueillons un enfant


Category: Adoption agencies & services

Corporation l'Espoir du Deficient



Category: Respite services