Family Services & Support Directory

When families and individuals need help, finding the right information and local resources can be tough.

Our Family Services directory offers a wealth of information about important issues, such as caring for seniors, what to do in the case of elder abuse, places to turn when dealing with domestic violence, community agencies that offer families a helping hand, anti-bullying information for parents, addiction support and much more.

Family Services & Support

Acceuil Bonneau

427 de la Commune St. E.

Montreal, H2Y 1J4

(514) 845-3906 ext. 229

Category: Charitable donations

Adoptive Parents

Category: Adoption agencies & services

Agence Ometz

1 Cummings Square

Montreal, H3W 1M6

(514) 342-0000

Category: Charitable donations, Community agencies, Parenting Support


(514) 866-9803

Category: Addiction support

Alcoholics Anonymous – English


Category: Addiction support, Telephone help lines

Alcoholics Anonymous – French


Category: Addiction support, Telephone help lines


Category: Gay/bisexual/transgender support

AMCAL Family Services

Pointe Claire

(514) 694-3161

Category: Parenting Support

ANEB Quebec

(514) 630-0907

Anti-Bullying Toolkit

Category: Anti-bullying information

APPEL (adoption permanente pour enfants latino-americains)


Category: Adoption agencies & services

Association des parents de jumeaux et de triplés de Montréal

(514) 990-6165

Category: Parenting Support



514-847-0067 ext. 207

Category: Gay/bisexual/transgender support



(855) 909-9038 ext. 2

Category: Gay/bisexual/transgender support

Auberge Madeleine


Category: Domestic Violence, Women's shelters

Auberge Shalom Counselling and Resource Centre

(514) 485-4783

Category: Domestic Violence

Auberge Shalom pour femmes

(514) 731-0833

Category: Telephone help lines, Women's shelters

Autism Society – Laurentians

St. Jerome


Category: Respite services

Automatic Tax Info Line


Category: Government services