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26 Nov, Saturday
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Montreal Families

Family-friendly café opens in N.D.G.

As a doula, Jennifer Podmore was used to guiding expecting parents through the birthing process. But when faced with the question of where to take their little ones afterwards, she was often stumped.  It was only after she was named godmother to her best friend’s daughter that she realized there weren’t many restaurants or coffee shops that could comfortably accommodate both adults and small children.

“Everywhere I went, I always felt like the space was either too targeted at adults, or too geared towards children,” Podmore said. “There was no in-between.”

In April, she decided to create her own happy medium and opened Biscuits & Confetti. With its sleek decor and neutral colour patterns, the 2,300 square-foot space combines a café experience with a forest-themed play area. “I want to make people feel like they are at home,” Podmore said.

Along with finger puppets, stuffed animals, building blocks and other toys, there is a yurt, a wooden playhouse and a toy kitchen. While children under the age of 7 play together, parents can order gourmet sandwiches and baked goods like cupcakes and biscuits, and sip on specialty coffee. The menu also offers apple sauce, goldfish crackers and juice for children.

Nestled along Sherbrooke St. W., between Harvard and Wilson Avenues, she decided to open the café in N.D.G. because of the neighbourhood’s family-oriented vibe.

The café also includes a studio space for weekly creative activities like music classes, painting for parents and children, and a boutique area where customers can purchase baby clothes, colouring books, toys and other items for young kids. The space is also available for birthday parties and other events.

The café is located at 5712 Sherbrooke St. W. and is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesdays through Sundays. For more information, visit biscuitsetconfetti.com.

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