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20 Mar, Monday
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Montreal Families

Families invited to discover revamped Insectarium

Did you know that praying mantids can turn their heads 180 degrees and have a single ear — that’s located on the underside of their belly? Or, that dung beetles live on every continent except Antarctica? And, that the Maricopa species of the harvester ant has the most toxic insect venom in the world? Eek!

Espace pour la vie (crédit : Mélanie Dusseault) (CNW Group/Espace pour la vie)

Your kids can learn those cool facts and tons more when the Montreal Insectarium reopens its doors on April 13, 2022. The venue underwent almost three years of renovations to enlarge and update its facilities. The museum’s “metamorphosis” is the result of an international architectural competition that aimed to reinvent visitors’ relationship with insects. Original use of the space and creative building design and materials lets kids, families, and friends can get up close with the amazing collection of cool critters from all over the world.

An immersive experience

Visitors have a whole new way to experience the museum’s collection as extensive use of glass allows for easier viewing of breeding areas, plant production, and labs, and a partly underground tour route immerses everyone in the insects’ worlds.

“The transformation of the Insectarium is another important milestone in our development at Espace pour la vie,” said Julie Jodoin, interim director of Espace pour la vie. “The mission of the new Insectarium, in line with the Montréal 2030 vision, gives us the opportunity to scale up the movement for the preservation of biodiversity.”

Travel the underground galleries and emerge inside a large glass vivarium (an enclosed representation of nature that includes animals and plants) where insects and free-flying and fast-flitting butterflies will be soaking up the sun. Some of the dazzling-coloured butterflies have never been shown before to the public — and you’ll now be able to observe and admire them year-round. Be sure to wear bright coloured clothes to attract their attention! The tour circuit continues through a large dome, where visitors can see the Insectarium’s collections of naturalized insects and participate in creative workshops where insects are the inspiration.

Espace pour la vie (crédit : Mélanie Dusseault) (CNW Group/Espace pour la vie)

“My dearest wish is that the metamorphosis of the Insectarium will also bring about a metamorphosis in the public’s relationship with insects,” said Maxim Larrivée, director of the Insectarium. “Still too often ignored and underestimated, insects are essential to the balance of our ecosystems. A profound change in the role and importance of insects in our societies is needed.”

Plan for your visit

Tickets are available online now. To experience the new Insectarium, visitors will need to choose a set time for their visit when booking tickets. espacepourlavie.ca/en/ticketing

Download the free mobile app prior to your visit
IOS link | Android link

Cost: $17 for adult, $8.50 for children 5 to 17, children 0-4 are free at all times. A family of 2 adults and 2 children is $47.75. The new passport is also a great way to get unlimited year-round access to all five museums of Space for Life. Full details here: espacepourlavie.ca/en/passport

Address: 4581 Sherbrooke St. E., Montreal, H1X 2B2

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